Welcome to Wednesday Space Cadets!

It’s time to go Startrekkin’ with Euan and Owen for our Warm up!!
Make some space and join in!

Assignment 3a: Find out what the Bible says about creation.

Assignment 3b: Why should we learn more about Jesus?

Wait!! There’s MORE about creation!

 Meet Peter: Peter tells us about a parable Jesus told about seeds and a sower!

Some science: Here is a video clip to show you about our science experiment – all about stars and constellations! You can download apps on iPhone or Android phones – search for Sky View Lite (or click here iOS or here Android)

Lost in space! Are you ready…. For the next installment of the DRAMA?! Coming Soon!


Feeling Creative? Here is today’s craft: The Space Rocket! See how to make it here:

Want to try another craft? Here is the extra craft from your pack: Egg Carton Flowers

Here is some science and craft combined! Make your very own sundial!

Here is Wednesday’s Memory Verse:

Bake through the Bible: We have a delicious recipe for you to try today: “The Shepherd and The Star” Jam Tarts. You can purchase the recipe book here.

Want to sing? Here is our theme song for this year:

Story Time: The Star Maker is a lovely storybook that fits in with our theme today. You can buy the book here. 

Prayer: Thank you God that you made all the plants and trees for us to keep us healthy and to enjoy. They are so good! Help us to learn more about Jesus and get to know him better. Amen


Pegleg: an interactive game to play… Can you find all 20 animals in the correct order? Start by clicking on the star at the projector screen!