Welcome to Tuesday Space Cadets!

It’s time to get warmed up with Officers Kathryn and Becca!
Make some space and join in!

Assignment 2a: Find out what the Bible says about creation.


Assignment 2b: Can you find out when can we trust Jesus?

Meet Peter: Here is an interview from Peter about their time in the boat!

Some Science: Here is a video clip to show you how you can do the science experiment for today which is all about water and how it can change:

Lost in Space: The next installment of our super exciting drama!

Feeling Creative? Here is today’s craft: The Rocking Boat! See how to make it here:

Want to try another craft? Here is the extra craft from your pack: An Octopus Footprint!

Here is Tuesday’s Memory Verse:

Want to make your own Origami Boat? Watch how to here!

Bake through the Bible: We have a delicious recipe for you to try today: “Jesus Calms the Storm” Jelly Boats! You can purchase the recipe book here!

Want to sing? Here is our theme song for this year:

Here is another song you might like – it’s all about water!

Story Time: The Storm that Stopped is a lovely storybook that fits in with our theme today. You can buy the book here. There is even a version of the book that you can colour in!!

Prayer: Thank you God that we have enough water and that you made the seas. They are so good! Help us to trust in Jesus. Amen