welcome to thursday space cadets!!

It’s time to warm up with Officer Esther!
Make some space and join in!

Assignment 4a: Find out what the Bible says about creation.


Assignment 4b: What does Jesus want us to do?


Meet Peter: Peter tells us about when Jesus told him he would be a Fisher of Men! Peter explains what that means!


Our Space Race! Here is a video quiz on sea creatures and birds zoomed in – can you guess what they are?


Some Science: We’re thinking all about communication! Some birds and other animals use echolocation to find their way around!


Here is a young boy called Sam, who uses echolocation to get around:

Lost in space! Oh no…. What’s going to happen next?!


Feeling Creative? Here is today’s craft: Clothes Peg Bird! See how to make it here:


Want to try another craft? Here is the extra craft from your pack: A Paper Butterfly!


 Here is Thursday’s Memory Verse:

Bake through the Bible: We have a delicious recipe for you to try today: “God Makes Everything” Creation Cookies. You can purchase the recipe book here.


Want to sing? Here is our theme song for this year:


Here is another song that you might like!


Story Time: The Friend that Forgives is a lovely storybook that fits in with our theme today. You can buy the book here. 

Prayer: Thank you God for all the amazing birds and fish. They are so good! Help us to understand how to follow Jesus. Amen