Welcome to Monday Space Cadets!
It’s time to get warmed up!
Make some space and join along:

Assignment 1a: Find out what the Bible says about creation.

Assignment 1b: Can you find out who is Jesus?

Meet Peter: We managed to get an interview with one of Jesus’ friends. Watch it here:

Some science: Here is a video clip to show you how you can do the science experiment for today which is all about how light travels and changes the way we see things:

Lost in space! Our exciting drama begins with two installments for today.

Bake through the Bible: We have a delicious recipe for you to try today: “Jesus heals blind eyes” cookies. You can purchase the recipe book here.

Want to sing? Here is our theme song for this year:

Here is another song you might like!

Google Earth Daily Exploration Missions: In your pack you have an exciting activity to use with Google Earth! Here is a short introduction about how to use Google Earth:

Our Monday Memory Verse is:

Craft: In your pack today, there are a set of glasses to decorate!We’re excited to see what you design:

Story Time: When God Made light is a lovely storybook that fits in with our theme today. This video is a short trailer but you can buy the book here.

Prayer: Thank you God that you made the earth so beautiful for us. It is so good! Thank you for sending Jesus to help us see you and understand you better. Amen